8 Most Profitable Industries to Venture Into in Tennessee in 2023

As an entrepreneur, I’m always on the lookout for the next big opportunity. And if you’re like me, you’ll be interested in knowing the most profitable industries to venture into in Tennessee come 2023. The state has a diverse economy with several sectors that are poised for growth and success.

Based on research and industry trends, here are the top eight industries to consider investing in:

  • healthcare
  • manufacturing
  • technology
  • hospitality
  • agriculture
  • transportation/logistics
  • education
  • construction

Each sector has its unique selling point and offers ample opportunities to innovate and disrupt existing markets. So whether you’re looking to start a new business or expand your current one, there’s no shortage of possibilities in Tennessee’s thriving economy.

In this article, we will explore each of these industries’ potential profitability and why they might be worth considering as your next investment opportunity.

One lucrative industry to explore and create an LLC in tennessee would be the booming healthcare sector, which shows immense potential for growth in 2023.

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As Tennessee’s entrepreneurial landscape continues to thrive, it’s essential to explore the best businesses to start in tennessee, ensuring progressive growth in 2023 within the state’s most profitable industries.

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Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is where you’ll find some of the newest and most advanced medical technology in Tennessee come 2023. With constantly evolving healthcare innovations, Tennessee’s healthcare industry is expected to be one of the most profitable industries to venture into.

The state has a strong focus on improving medical education, which has led to an increase in skilled healthcare professionals and cutting-edge research. Innovation is key to success in the healthcare industry, and Tennessee’s commitment to investing in new technologies has attracted numerous investors.

The state boasts several world-class hospitals that are at the forefront of using technology for better patient care. These advancements have increased patient satisfaction by providing more efficient treatments and faster recovery times.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to invest in this industry can take advantage of Tennessee’s supportive environment for startups and small businesses. A thriving network of incubators, accelerators, and funding opportunities exist for those looking to launch their own healthcare technology ventures. With its growing reputation as a hub for medical innovation, there’s no doubt that Tennessee’s healthcare industry will continue to thrive in 2023.

Looking ahead, the manufacturing industry also presents a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking profitable investments. As we transition into this next topic, it’s important to consider how these two industries may intersect and create new opportunities for growth.

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Manufacturing Industry

You should consider exploring the potential of the manufacturing industry in Tennessee if you want to capitalize on its growth opportunities. According to data from the National Association of Manufacturers, Tennessee’s manufacturing sector contributes about $54 billion to the state’s economy and employs over 300,000 workers. The state is also ranked third in the nation for automotive production, with major manufacturers such as Nissan, General Motors, and Volkswagen having a significant presence.

Supply chain and automation are key factors driving growth in Tennessee’s manufacturing industry. The state has an extensive transportation network that includes major interstates, railroads, air cargo hubs, and river ports. This infrastructure provides manufacturers with efficient access to raw materials and finished goods markets across the country. Additionally, many companies are investing in automation technologies such as robotics and advanced analytics to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Tennessee’s skilled workforce and innovative culture are also important driving forces behind its manufacturing industry success. The state has a strong tradition of technical education programs that provide workers with specialized training in fields such as engineering, welding, machining, and mechatronics. Furthermore, there are numerous research institutions located throughout Tennessee that support innovation in areas like advanced materials science and sustainable energy production.

With its robust supply chain networks, adoption of automation technologies, skilled workforce base, and commitment to innovation, Tennessee’s manufacturing industry is poised for continued growth well into 2023.

As we move forward into the next section about the technology industry, it’s worth noting that this sector is another area where Tennessee has achieved remarkable success thanks to its progressive policies towards innovation-driven entrepreneurship.

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Technology Industry

Get excited about Tennessee’s thriving technology industry and the endless possibilities for growth and innovation. The state has become a hub for innovative startups, with companies like Digital Reasoning, Change Healthcare, and Asurion calling Nashville their home. These companies have been able to flourish in Tennessee due to its business-friendly environment, skilled workforce, and low cost of living.

Moreover, the technology industry in Tennessee is creating job opportunities at an impressive rate. According to the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Vital Signs Report, employment in the tech sector grew by 34% from 2015 to 2020. This growth rate outpaced other industries such as healthcare and finance during that same time period.

With more and more companies relocating or expanding into Tennessee every year, it’s safe to say that this trend will continue. Innovative startups are not only bringing exciting new technologies to market but also driving economic growth throughout Tennessee.

Because of this success story, it’s clear why many entrepreneurs are considering investing in this industry within the state. However, before jumping into any venture blindly, one must weigh all options carefully as every investment carries risk factors associated with it.

In light of this information, we can now delve into another profitable industry in Tennessee – hospitality!

Hospitality Industry

I’m excited to talk about the Hospitality Industry in Tennessee.

This industry has been thriving due to the state’s growing tourism industry, which is expected to continue increasing over the next few years.

As a result, there is a growing demand for accommodations, making it an opportune time to invest in this sector.

Additionally, Tennessee offers a favorable tax environment for businesses in the hospitality industry, further increasing its attractiveness as an investment opportunity.

Thriving Tourism Industry

The thriving tourism industry in Tennessee offers endless opportunities for growth and success. With millions of visitors flocking to the state each year, there’s a constant need for innovative marketing strategies that cater to the latest tourism trends.

As someone seeking profitable industries to venture into in Tennessee in 2023, I believe that investing in the tourism sector would be a wise decision. To succeed in this industry, it’s important to stay on top of emerging trends and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

For instance, many tourists today are looking for unique experiences that go beyond traditional sightseeing tours. By offering immersive activities like culinary classes or outdoor adventures, you can tap into this growing demand and attract more customers to your business. Additionally, with the rise of social media influencers and online reviews, it’s crucial to prioritize customer satisfaction and invest in your online presence.

As I explore other sectors with potential for profitability in Tennessee, one trend that stands out is the growing demand for accommodations.

Growing Demand for Accommodations

The thriving tourism industry in Tennessee has brought about a growing demand for accommodations. With more and more tourists visiting the state every year, rental properties and vacation homes are becoming increasingly popular. Investors are taking advantage of this trend by purchasing properties to rent out as short-term accommodations.

To meet the accommodation demands in Tennessee’s booming economy, entrepreneurs are also exploring unique lodging ideas in the hospitality market. From glamping tents to treehouses, there is no shortage of alternative options to traditional hotels. These unique accommodations not only offer tourists a one-of-a-kind experience but also provide investors with profitable returns on their investments.

As Tennessee’s tourism industry continues to flourish, so does the demand for innovative and profitable lodging options. The favorable tax environment in the state makes it even more attractive for investors looking to capitalize on this trend. With so many opportunities available, it’s no wonder that Tennessee is quickly becoming known as a prime location for both traditional and alternative accommodation investments.

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Favorable Tax Environment

You’ll love how Tennessee’s tax environment makes it an attractive location for investors looking to capitalize on the growing demand for accommodations. With a state income tax rate of 0% and a low corporate tax rate of 6.5%, businesses have more resources to allocate towards growth and development.

In addition, Tennessee offers various tax incentives such as the Job Tax Credit, which provides businesses with up to $4,500 in credits per new job created. With such favorable taxation policies, it’s no surprise that Tennessee has been named one of the top states for business growth by numerous publications.

As entrepreneurs seek out locations with lower costs and higher returns, cities like Nashville and Memphis are becoming hotspots for investment in the hospitality industry. And as we move into 2023, expect to see even more companies flocking to Tennessee in search of profitable opportunities.

Speaking of profitability, let’s take a closer look at another industry that is ripe for expansion: agriculture.

Agriculture Industry

If you’re considering investing in agriculture, there are some exciting opportunities to explore in Tennessee. The state has a thriving farm to table movement, making it an ideal location for sustainable farming practices.

With a diverse range of crops including soybeans, corn, cotton, and tobacco, Tennessee is already a major player in the agricultural industry. One area that shows great potential for growth is the production of hemp and CBD products. Since Tennessee legalized industrial hemp in 2014, farmers have been able to grow this crop for a variety of uses such as fiber and cannabidiol (CBD) oil. According to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, there were over 3,000 licensed hemp growers in the state in 2020 producing over 51 million pounds of biomass. With the growing demand for CBD products and the recent legalization of marijuana at the federal level, this industry is poised for even greater growth.

Another area with promising potential is agritourism. In recent years, more people have become interested in experiencing life on a farm or visiting wineries and orchards. This trend provides farmers with an opportunity to diversify their income streams by offering tours and other experiences on their properties. According to data from Visit Knoxville, tourism generated $1 billion in economic impact for Knox County alone in 2019.

By tapping into this market through agritourism activities such as hayrides or pick-your-own fruit events, farmers can increase profits while also educating visitors about sustainable farming practices and local food systems.


In conclusion, after thorough research and analysis, I’ve identified the top 8 most profitable industries to venture into in Tennessee in 2023.

These industries are healthcare, manufacturing, technology, hospitality and tourism, agriculture, construction, logistics and distribution, and renewable energy.

The data-driven analysis shows that these industries have consistently shown growth and profitability over the years. By investing in one of these industries or starting a business within them, you can take advantage of Tennessee’s favorable business climate and benefit from its strategic location for transportation and logistics.

As with any investment decision, it’s important to conduct further research and due diligence before making a final decision. However, by considering these top industries for 2023 in Tennessee as potential options for your next venture or investment opportunity, you could position yourself for long-term success.

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